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Threads of a Culture

BlackLantic Season 3 Episode 28

Meet Robert Batuo, a fashion designer who’s stitching together culture and creativity in Halifax!

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Island Message

BlackLantic Season 3 Episode 27

Join us as we delve into the musical journey of Vince the Messenger, a dynamic artist from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. 

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Your Tribe Matters

BlackLantic Season 3 Episode 26

We’re back in the headquarters of Tribe Network with Founder & CEO Alfred Burgesson.

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Bare with us.

We are transitioning from Wix to a new provider which means a lot of work. We are an #equalityforall organization. Two years of BlackLantic means our site subscription was up for new renewal. Wix is Israel's largest company, and has made no public statments on Palestine, but blocked free speech by deleting websites in support from their servers, encouraged employees to create content in support of "Israel's Narrative" in leaked documents, fired an employee that posted in support of Hamas, and of course is a huge tax contributor to the IDF. Our subscription was a drop in the multi-billion dollar companies pond. But we could not bring ourselves to invest in this for another two years.