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We are looking for English and French contributors from all four Atlantic Provinces to help us keep our ear to the Oceans (see what we did there?). We are looking for blog writers, modern-day journalists, guests, or anyone with contributable media skills/experiences.


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     We are an online and digital social purpose organization focused on providing platforms of perspective towards the diversity of being Black in Atlantic Canada, while challenging common stereotypes.


Our mission: To amplify Black voices and share stories that encourage the understanding of Black Atlantic lives whilehiring Black content creators, working with organizations on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives andworking toward a more inclusive community.


Our Purpose: Through achieving our social purpose, communities spread apart through Atlantic Canada will feel more connected, and less segregated and siloed. We will have brought together community leaders, entrepreneurs and youth to both be inspired and inspire the Black Atlantic community. Paying contributors will contribute to their economic well being. The conversations, education around and exposure of the Black experience will work towards the goal of reducing hatred, misinformation, stereotypes and negative biases towards BIPOC through conversation, education and engagement. Through continued outreach and engagement our Social Enterprise will have educated allies, bolstered community and created safe spaces in the Atlantic region while also using story telling as a means to educate. Black Atlantic communities will have better connection, an outlet to be heard and a growing community to rely on for years to come.


You can expect to hear from BlackLantic every week with guests, segments, panels, and round tables exploring topics from all over Atlantic Canada, the East Coast, and the World.