Omega Mighty | Toronto's Inspirational Artist On the Rise

BlackLantic Season 3 Episode 35

oin us in this exciting episode of BlackLantic as we sit down with the incredibly talented Omega Mighty (pronounced Oh-Me-Ga), a rising icon in Toronto’s vibrant music scene, who also played in integral role in some of this years Junos award choreography in Halifax, Nova Scotia. 🌟 Omega Mighty, a part of Toronto’s ‘Mighty Gang’ family, shares her journey, from her early musical and entrepreneurial influences to becoming a powerful voice in the industry on the mic and behind the scenes. 🎶  


Watch Now to Discover:

• Omega Mighty’s early influences and musical journey 🎵

• How she balances creativity and personal life 🎤

• Her challenges and triumphs in the music industry 💪

• Exclusive insights into her future projects and dreams 🚀

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