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Micro racism is still racism.

Things like making fun of an accent, making jokes about cultural stereotypes, referring to individuals as a food associated with their culture (rice people, beaner, etc) or referring to anyone from the Middle East as being from Pakistan are all racist micro aggressions. If you do these things you are being racist... even if you believe you are not racist. There are a lot of people in NB who do these things and almost everyone is compliant when exposed to these micro racisms. People let things slide because “it’s just a joke” or they just don’t want to be a party pooper or whatever. The people who just let things slide are worse than the people saying the micro racisms. You’re allowing people to be comfortable being racist around you. You’re saying subtle racism is ok.

You are micro-dosing with racism.

When you microdose with mushrooms you’re slowly introducing psilocybin into your body. With each shroom sesh you feel comfortable introducing higher doses, because you are getting used to it. Some day you maybe go a little over board and trip the fuck out, but it’s ok, because you have been here before... just not to this extreme.

When you microdose with racism you are slowly becoming more comfortable with racist behaviour, until some huge racist event happens like the Buffalo supermarket shooting and you don’t even say a fucking word about it. You don’t feel it. You don’t care about it because it didn’t happen to you, only it did happen to you. It happened to the you that was born into a different set of circumstances and privileges. There is no fucking you. We’re all a part of this giant, moist, rock flying around a 4 billion year old explosion.

Please stop making racist jokes

Please stop embracing and celebrating negative stereotypes

Please stop being defensive when someone points out your racism.

Please stop using the token proximity to BIPOC card “I’m not racist, I have black friends” “I’m not racist, I have native ancestry” OR today’s example “I can’t be racist. I have a half Vietnamese step daughter”

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