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From Entitled Celebs to TikTok Stars and Beyond!

BlackLantic Season 02 Episode 27

🎙️Get ready for the hottest BlackLantic episode yet! We're hopping into some of the craziest mainstream scandals and stories shaking the internet. Dive in as we decipher the latest drama on pop icon, Britney Spears, NBA star, Jamal Wembanyama, supermodel, Gigi Hadid, and TikTok's viral sensation, PinkyDoll!✨

First, we break down the shocking altercation that has everyone talking - Britney Spears getting slapped by an NBA star's security team. Was it an unintentional mishap or a celebrities taking it too far? Our hosts weigh in on the controversy and discuss the thoughtlessness of this headline-grabbing event.

Next, we explore the groundbreaking Nova Scotia retirement home catering exclusively to Black Seniors, and how it's revolutionizing care for the elderly within our communities.👵🏾👴🏾

The weed controversy surrounding Gigi Hadid is causing quite the buzz, and we're here to unpack the situation. Is the internet's reaction to Gigi Hadid's peace, fair? 🌿👀

And who could forget about PinkyDoll, the TikTok superstar from Montreal, who's taking the world by storm with her addictive content? We celebrate her success and delve into how she's representing herself and our community on the global stage. WHAT is she doing, and what is our view?

From unique takes to head scratching stories, this episode is packed with eye-opening insights you can't afford to miss. Don't forget to tune in, subscribe, and share to keep these essential conversations alive in our community!

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