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Among other things, BlackLantic Media produces a weekly talk-show meant to both inform and entertain. We love podcasting, creating content, and everything we do! As a two-person team with no budget, resources, fact-checkers or money we are far from Historians, or the "voice" of everything that encompasses Black Culture in Atlantic Canada. There isn't a week that goes by the we don't learn more and more about the region of Canada we represent.

We are slowly working to compile a list of other organizations in Atlantic Canada dedicated history, education, empowerment, opportunities, entertainment and more. Please take in the resources below, and let us know of who we are missing so we can continue to strengthen the Atlantic Hub.

Help us build our list. Know of an organization, social enterprise, not-for-program, group, page, artist collective, professional group and more working to highlight Black or POC experiences, fill our short form and we will build our networks together. To fill a quick form click here.

Pick an Atlantic Province below to learn more:

New Brunswick

Resources in New Brunswick relating to the Black experience and sometimes other cultures of colour.


ABOUT (from their website):

Black Lives Matter in New Brunswick Education Project

The Black Lives Matter in New Brunswick Education Project takes place on unseeded and unsurrendered Wolastokiyik territory. It is our aim to work toward a common goal of dismantling systems of oppression that disproportionately affect Indigenous and Black people within the Wabanaki Confederacy.


ABOUT (from their website):

New Brunswick Black History Society - Founded in June 2010


The New Brunswick Black History Society is dedicated to the research, analysis, documentation and preservation of New Brunswick's Black History.


• To gather information concerning New Brunswick's Black residents, past & present.

• To promote awareness of New Brunswick's Black history.

• To encourage the Black community and the general public to work together.

• To work towards increasing the presence of Black History in New Brunswick's educational system.

Prude Inc.

ABOUT (from their website):

PRUDE Inc. - Incorporated in 1981 in Saint John, New Brunswick.

PRUDE Inc. envisions a New Brunswick where various ethnic and cultural groups work together to build on each other’s strengths. The communication and understanding stemming from these connections will position New Brunswick as a choice destination for all Canadians and other ethno-cultural groups. Already a great place to live, with these hopes realized, New Brunswick could become the epitome of multicultural success in Canada.

PRUDE Inc. is open to all who support this message of cultural diversity, regardless of ethnicity, religion, age or gender, and works to sustain an environment of diversity, equality, respect and inclusiveness through its awareness programs.


Nova Scotia

Resources in Nova Scotia relating to the Black experience and sometimes other cultures of colour.


About (from their website):

Black Cultural Society of Nova Scotia - Incorporated in 1977

The genesis of the Black Cultural Centre lay in a proposal put forward in 1972 by Reverend Dr. William Pearly Oliver for the creation of a Cultural Educational Centre to meet the needs and aspirations of the Black Communities of Nova Scotia.


Prince Edward Island

Resources in P.E.I. relating to the Black experience and sometimes other cultures of colour.


About (from their website):

We’re not just the newcomers to the Island, we’re not just international students. We’re not just coming from other places, we have lived here and we’ve survived here a long time.


  • Support actions designed to improve and enhance the quality of life for the Black community of Prince Edward Island. (African descent, Caribbean descent, Latin American Descent, descendants of historical Black Islanders)

  • Deliver services, programs, and initiatives to promote and advance racial understanding on behalf of people of African descent

  • Create strategic partnerships with organizations and institutions to address systemic racism and social inequalities


Newfoundland and Labrador

Resources in NFLD relating to the Black experience and sometimes other cultures of colour.


About (from their website):

Welcome to the public page of the BIPOC Creators Collective of NL - a newly forming, member-led group that promotes and lifts the voices of practicing creatives within the province who are Indigenous, Black, migrant, and/or racialized.

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